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11 Dairy-Free Calcium Sources


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Thanks Report
Great tips! Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Oranges, almond and kale are my "go to" Report
Thanks for the list. I can't have soy but I can the others Report
Good to know. Thanks. Report
Good suggestions, but I don't like molasses or Tofu. Report
Thanks Report
I eat a lot of these suggestions. I don't like collard greens or black strap molasses Report
So much useful information! Great article Report
Great information. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Thank you. Report
Good info. Report
I have been allergic to dairy since birth & manage well by eating plant based calcium sources, taking calcium citrate supplements, & consuming ocean fish. I drink a variety of fortified milk substitutes altho' OJ doesn't agree w/ me. Collard greens & black eyed peas? Two southern staples I might have tried once (I like most legumes) but will need to try chia seeds & try again to eat sesame seeds in quantity. Thanx. Report

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