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Easy Vacation Exercises

Your Home Workout Away From Home


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Going on vacation next week, and for the first time I'm making staying fit a priority. Even if my calories don't stay in check every day, I don't want to come home to my usual routine struggling because i ignored it the whole time. I'm bringing my three most imporant pieces of equipment, my yoga mat, my kettlebell, and myself.
The mat will help with not only motivating me to do some yoga daily, and believe me, taking anxiety disorders on a vacation, you need to relax a little.
The kettlebell will help burn a lot in small amounts of time, while keeping my strength up.
And of course, there's me! Bodyweight exercises, dancing, swimming at the beach, walking the boardwalk, your own body is the easiest equipment to bring anywhere! Report
Perfect timing!! I'm getting ready for a Florida vacation at the end of February and have started putting things in the other room; after reading this article, I've included the exercises (printout) with two exercise bands. I'm thinking about taking a jump rope and a folding hula hoop as well. thank you!!! Report
Great article. I will be going on vacation in a month. Report
I always love exploring the hotels gymand using different kinds of equipment. In the morning there's rearely anyone else there so it's like my own gym! Course on vaca we usually walk everywhere and do a lot of swimming....really helps since I do a lot of eating! Report
When we went on vacation in May I took along an inexpensive portable DVD player and several programs on discs. The programs were easy to do in our motel room and the player and discs took up very little suitcase space. I was attending a conference and did modified lunges and similar moves during the break. I only gained 1 pound, and that came off quickly - it was probably water being held by all the salt in the restaurant food. Report
thanks . that is a good article. i will do it. Report
Woo Hoo! I'm off in just a couple of hours for a well earned much needed mini vacation. I've packed my workout gear and the resort we are heading to has a wonderful gym, 2 pools and offers complimentary exercise classes. I'm IN! Report
Walking is the best--we generally vacation in places of beauty, wonderful weather, etc.--waliking allows us to get a panaromic view of things, meet peopled, and enjoy some respite from the great task of "vacationing." Report
I find that when I am on vacation I walk a LOT. I am walking to and from all the attractions instead of taking buses or taxis. Its great exercise. Of course, when I take my trip to Italy, if I am not beat by the end of the day by all the walking, I will definately do some of these at my hotel. Report
I find that I just go for a walk with Grandkids or who every else will go with mw. We usually do about 3o mintues morning and night if we are camping Report
Great reminders of easy, on-the-go moves.

I don't have to worry about this for my upcoming vacation, because it is a women's fitness getaway. Hiking, and bootcamp and dancing on the beach in Mexico for 3 days. I can't wait! Report
good info since I will be going on vacation this weekend. Report
Amaziing how times have changed, that we have to INVENT things to do to get in our exercise, when in the old days gone by, exercise WAS the went to places where you swam, and played, and you never thought for a second you were exercising.
There are always a lot of places to visit, so walk walk walk walk ! Take your pedometer with you, it's light and takes no space. Report
Try new activities while on vacation - bike riding, hiking, kayaking, skiing, tubing or sledding, snorkeling, surfing or boogie boarding, and other activities that you may not have near where you live. You can work some different muscles, maybe get out of your comfort zone, or you may find a new activity you want to train for! It's your vacation - have fun!! Report

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