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Easy Vacation Exercises

Your Home Workout Away From Home


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Lots of places have gyms and pools now too, so not often an excuse for not exercising. Report
This is very helpful to me, as I am planning a trip in the middle of October. Thanks!!! Report
I especially needed the link for stretching. Thanks! Report
thanks forthe tips and quick pointers. Report
Thank you; I finally have a clear picture of "where to begin". You helped me take my first step.

CoopedUp Report
Great article! I'm leaving for Vegas in about a week and will be doing some of these. I'm also taking my computer so I can do the videos on here. Report
As someone who is on the road more often than not there were several great ideas in the article as well as in the comments. Workout bands, weighted gloves, and a small case of workout dvds are my weapons as I travel the states for my job. I love kickboxing, and with a little modification and weighted gloves it's great cardio and strenth training (just make sure you'e not above anyone in your hotel...) Yoga, Pilates and strenght training with bands is great.

This being said... I wish I could do a little more strenth training. Weights are impossible to travel with, but I've heard tell of "water weights," but I'm a bit skeptical. Does anyone have any experience with them, or know of other alternatives? Report
Great article; still, I'm a bit surprised they didn't mention good old fashioned running, walking, and/or site seeing. When you focus on things other than the food it is amazing how many calories you burn just walking around. And I've seen many beautiful sites from my quick runs on vacation---things I wouldn't have seen before (the beautiful architecture, sunrises over lush landscapes, etc.). Report
Great article, I'm leaving for London and Paris tomorrow. I will be walking a lot which is a plus. And I will bring some exercise DVDs with me for my laptop. Report
When I was at my peak fitness, I'd take my kids' portable DVD player and DVDs (ones that require just a band or no equipment) with me on vacation. I'd do a WATP or another cardio DVD for days I wouldn't be doing extensive walking, plus pilates/yoga DVDs to help me maintain my flexibility/muscle tone. This article is a great reminder of how much better I felt then, and that I can do it again. Report
This article is perfectly timed! I'm leaving in on a 2 week vacation in a week and have set the goal to gain no weight on vacation! Thanks for helping. Report
Throw an exercise cd or two in your suitcase. Most hotels these days have dvd players on their televisions. I enjoy getting a healthy start to the day when I'm away from home with a Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds tape. Report
This is such a timely article for me, as we are just getting ready to go on a weekend trip. Another thing I would suggest is to use the hotel's facilities! Many hotels have exercise rooms, and even if they just have a pool, you can still get some good exercise in the pool, like treading water or laps if the pool is big enough. Report
Since I have 2 vacations coming up this year I will print this and put in my suitcase and use on both of them. Report
Great article. Report

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