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Printable Workout: Day 1 Bootcamp

Take the Workout With You!


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Wish I could do these. I have osteoarthritis in my joints. Report
Remember I joined SP before Coach Nicole did this. Enjoyed that boot camp when it came out. Looked forward to it each day and SP was a whole different place back then. Ah....nostalgia Report
Thank you. Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
Thank you Report
thanks Report
Love the printable version! Report
unable to get a printable version of this one either, too bad since it would be really nice to print these out Report
Has anyone been able to get a printable version to work? I've tried multiple browsers and devices and elements (pics/text) print on top of each other, don't lay out correctly, etc. Report
This seems like something I could actually do instead of those complicated exercises. Will try this 28 day workout Report
Nice video for warm up. Got it done! tomorrow day 2. This looks like a program I can do.
Time will tell, but I'll keep on trying! Report
I love the video . I have to re-start on Day one again because I missed doing it for 6 days. My DVD player was acting up. I also have the cardioblast DVD but did not start it yet. I'm going to get the printable version just in case the same problem happens again. Report
Great for taking to the office so I can get a workout in during breaks and feel more productive. LOVE IT!!! Report
I love the printable internet is so slow that doing the videos took forever to download and then I wasn't getting the desired workout achieved..nothing like pausing for several minutes to download a few more seconds of the workout..caused me to drop out of a lot of boot camps :(


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