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Charity Races Mix Fitness and Fundraising

A Win-Win Scenario: Get Fit and Help Others!


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Great article! Report
And FUN Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Moving with a purpose! Report
Plan on looking into doing one soon! Report
Good thing to achieve a high aimed goal. Report
I remember Donkey Basketball, it was so much fun! I have yet to walk for a cause but with COPD it is hard to keep up. Report
Enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks Report
I just finished running a 1 MILE FUN RUN for IAM4KIDS . My church sponsors it annually and last year I had to run/walk it b/c I was out of running shape! This year I made sure I RAN the whole mile though I have a bum left foot.. {My podiatrist said I need soft new orthotics{heel supports} for my feet.My old ones were too hard. Since they cost $200, I opted for the Scholl's gel pads til I can get the new ones.
I trained for 3 mos. ,running locally at the nearby park. It REALLY makes a DIFFERENCE to TRAIN for a race! It gave me motivation and I pushed myself harder than if I had a daily run. The course is HARDER than the park as it is in FULL SUN ,no shade and hard black top plus since it is in the country and in front of many houses,all the neighbors' trucks are allowed to come past us .making difficult to breathe! But I finished in 12:44.8 for a 58 yr.old and I am HAPPY to have helped IAM4KIDS!!! Report
ZERO Prostate Walk Run was my 1st 5K in 2016 and the first race that influanced me to work on running and enter more races! I did my 3rd 5K for ZERO this summer and it is still the most important race of the year for me, emotionally. My partner has prostate cancer. It feels great to raise money, work on doing well in the race and being around all that great energy of people working toward the same goal. Report
I was going to say “ a true win-win”. But then I looked and saw that I had already said that but it is still true. Report
Absolutely Report
great. Report

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