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The 26 Healthiest Fast Food Options

What to Order at 13 Fast Food Joints


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good article Report
This is why I do not use fast food except possibly on road trips. Never, ever use Wendy's chili after hearing staff people talk about how it is made--leftover hamburgers that are set on the counter for 3-8 hours before being chopped and added to the mix. Report
thanks Report
Anyone else notice there is no carbs listed for the SUBWAY choices? Report
Very good options, thanks for sharing. Report
That Subway Veggie Delight is a favorite! Report
More options would be nice, especially if they keep the total of 500 cal per choice. Report
Too bad ther's scant choice for those of us who like beef, Report
thanks Report
Thanks for sharing these options. Report
Thanks for the great ideas! Report
Great advice Report
Oh, wow, no wonder I never eat out anymore. Report
I don’t eat out very often but it’s good to know what the options are. Report
I go for Wendy's grilled chicken apple pecan salad and ask for NO blue cheese. The blue cheese has way too many calories and I don't like it. I have to add all the parts to the salad individually because there is no option to leave any ingredients out. Report

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