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5 Healthy Habits That Fight the Signs of Aging

How to Maintain a Youthful Appearance


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Age is just a number. If you feel “old” at 40 you are not living a very positive life. I feel better at 65 than I felt in my 40’s. When you look for the positive it has a way of making life just a bit better. That’s what I do. Every day. Report
All of this message is SO true!!!!! Report
Don't need sunscreen. I am a person of color. Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
using sunscreen is probably a no brainer Report
common knowledge Report
Some are common knowledge nowadays Report
I think you should add sleep well and exercise, even if it is walking 20 minutes every day it makes you feel better. Report
Thank you for good suggestions. Report
Thank you for good suggestions. Report
Awesome....thanks.... Report
good article Report
I too am surprised that a woman has to worry about aging at 40, and all the crap that we women are sort of expected to do just to please our warped society. I’m 72, I feel sorry for the younger generation, devoting hours and money every day solely for their appearance, instead of just living. The pressure to keep up is “aging”........... Report
I thought the title was so funny I am 75 and looked at the article only to find it was very young woman of 40 .
Its all to live for yet , you must enjoy your youth Report
And, if you have the money, go twice a year to a dermatologist ;-)) Report

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