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What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

See Pictures of 300, 350, and 400-Calorie Meals


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Great to see how a healthy portion stacks up to the not so healthy. Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
The calories in pasta/rice has been an eye opener for my husband and I. We loved a plate of spaghetti with Italian sausage until we realized how many calories we consumed. It doesn't taste quite so well now. Report
Always surprising when I see something like this Report
Thanks. Report
Thanks. Good visuals. More healthy home cooking for weight loss! Report
thank you Report
Thanks Report
Wow, makes a difference. Report
And the healthy food is more appetizing, by far! Report
Eye opener. I just wish the healthy choices would indicate the number of carbs... Report
Excellent article, thanks! Report
That was a real eye opening comparison. Thank goodness I got away from those types of food starting on my healthy journey! Report
Good information. Thanks. Report
Great article! Report

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