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What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

See Pictures of 300, 350, and 400-Calorie Meals


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What surprises me most about this article is that anyone could create a breakfast called Banana caramel cream stuffed pancakes (or whatever it was!! ) A whole days worth of calories, more than a days allowance of fat. I'd say it had no nutrition, but I think "anti-nutrition" is more like it. Report
fabulous article. Thanks for the pics--they help a great deal. Report
Wow! What an eye opener! Report
I know I sound like a 4 year old, but please show us MORE of these solutions. Just to visualize the restaurant foods we are served. I know another book i read suggested literally putting 1/2 your plate in a to-go box before you started to eat [when you're "out"], but to see the contrasted options was great.
Could you do a "choose this not that" at the best/worst places to go out? I know w/ lil kids sometimes I get stuck w/ a fast food invitation after a soccer game... Report
WOW - I used to love IHOP Big Steak Omlets, I guess I don't any more. :-0 Report
WOW, I love this article. I've very surprised to the amount of healthy food I could be eating. I've gotten some great ideas for future meals. Thanks so much!!1 Report
Wow.....I am really surprised at what the choices are for 300 cals. Report
This article really surprised me. And I thought I was cutting down by eating some of the foods shown on the right....This is great stuff Report
Waffles with Berries surprised me. I think I'll try that someday... Report
Pretty amazing difference in how full (or empty) the plate looks! Veggies & fruit are definite pluses! Report
So good. THANKS. Report
I agree with Steward's comment. What an eye-opener! It's one thing to read an article that suggests making healthy choices. But adding the visuals takes it to another level that hits home and proves to me that I can do this :-) I agree that seeing where snacks fit in would be super helpful. Thanks! Report
The1/2 of the veggie burger was very suprising to me,guess looks are deceiving,I never would've thought it was loaded like that!!!!! Report
The veggie burger phew! You'd buy it thinking you made a healthy choice... I'm just glad I don't do take away and cook everyday. Report
The soup and sandwich comparison became such an unbelievably small portion!! Report

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