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What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

See Pictures of 300, 350, and 400-Calorie Meals


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The Veggie burger was the most surprising to me. Although someone might be trying to eat "healthy" by choosing the nonmeat option, they should just go for the whole burger with the works. Report
Wow, what an eye opener. I think the biggest shocker was the IHOP omelette. Makes me want to stick to my commitment of staying home and eating in. Report
The pizza was surprising in a way -- and then again, not. I need to keep that one in my head because I'm sure that juicy piece of Costco pizza I've often picked up in the past is comparable to that Sbarro pizza. Time to find a lower cal alternative that I can count on. Thanks! Report
this was one of the funnest articles i've read on spark. thanks for the info and comparisons. most of the healthy stuff looked better anyway. great things to keep in mind! Report
This is good information. It really makes me rethink some things that I cook for dinner, such as the pot pie. Report
Wow, no wonder I am over weight. I will strive to make better choices. Report
This is so helpful. It helps me realize that losing weight is so do-able if I just make good choices. Thank you! Report
Really great! Thanks! This will be a big help, especially when I am eating out! I'm very glad Spark People does these articles and quizzes, they are very useful and help me to ensure my success! Report
what a great article along with visual awareness- I would like to see more of these . Please include where to insert a snack as this would be helpful... these are the types of articles I enjoy the most. Keep "em" coming- Thank you Report
WOW!!! I knew restaurant food had more calories. I had no idea how much more! THANKS! Report
I know how to exercise portion control, yet it was great to see a visual of specific foods put together (or cut apart as the case may be). Loves this article! Thank you Spark!! Report
I know this... but it is soooo easy to forget when eating out is such a pleasure. Thank goodness most restaurants have low fat choices now. Or, if not, ala carte choices often fit the bill. Report
I loved this article, it never crossed my mind that dieting could be as simple as paying attention Eating out costs us a lot more than a few dollars, whereas paying attention at home can be very fullfilling. Thanks, Sparks Report
I loved the article!!! I thought the stuffed pancake was the most shocking. How could BREAKFAST take up almost your entire caloric count for the day.... WOW!!! I knew McDonalds could finish you off real quick but 1500 calories on a pancake.... I'm still in shock. Good thing I eat breakfast at home. Report

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