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What Does 300 Calories Really Look Like?

See Pictures of 300, 350, and 400-Calorie Meals


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Talk about aTTn eye opener. Thanks for the article. I'm going to forward this to a few of my friends. Report
GREAT visuals for "eat this, not that"!!! Thanks. Report
Thank you so much for this article! It's such an eye opener! I've always brushed off the "eat more when you eat healthy" idea, but seeing some nicely put-together meals really helps me see that difference. Report
Thank you for this article. While I know that you can eat more "good" food for what the "bad" food has in calories - it really changes things SEEING the two options. As someone said previously you would think a veggie burger would be okay but its not because of the size. Report
This is totally shocking!! can u imagine even supposedly ordering a vege-burger still blows ur diet wide open :o{ who would've thunk dat? Report
This was a real lesson i portion size and calories. I am not a very innovative cook and prefer to eat the same things so I need to get calories and portion in control...thanks for this Report
I learned early on in this process that the type of calories were as important, or more, as the number of calories. I won't/don't eat a food with low fiber content because it doesn't keep me full. I never drink juice, instead I choose to eat the real fruit. Being selective about the calories you eat is of great importance to lsoing weight. Report
I knew that purchased muffins were bad for people with high cholesterol because of the mixes they use, but the visual on the calories in the muffin just blew me away. Egg white omelet it is! Report
Whoa! That is insane!
Who knew? Report
Some were not so surprising: steak omelette, stuffed pizza, Bob Evans "pancakes". The Panera portion shocked me--so tiny! However, as I have never been much for restaurant food, I prefer what SP recommended in the left column (I have even made that pasta dish at the bottom just as an experiment before even seeing this article). Report
Yikes!!! Absolutely excellent article...the photos are great! Report
This article has me shocked! I endulge in the foods on the right and to see how only a smidget (if that's a word, lol) of that stuff equals whole nutritious meals with fruits, veggies and lots of the things my body needs. What an eye opener! Report
I had just been saying the best way to control calories is to cut out the eating out. portion control is my greatest challenge.. but take out food makes it almost impossible by the time you widdle down the meal to stay under your calorie limit... its really not worth it. Report
Eat wisely and you'll never feel hungry, I've found that to be very true since cooking all of our meals at home. Report
This is a very big eye-opener for me. I think I will think twice about portions at restaurants! Even eating HALF of most of the meals in restaurants looks like a lot of calories, probably due to unwanted fats for cooking in.

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