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How to Buy the Best Yogurt


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thank you Report
thank you Report
Way before the dinosaurs (back in the '60s and '70s), I grew up eating yogurt. As a child, I did not get much say about what got put in my daily lunchbox, so it was always a treat to discover a container of Dannon fruit-on-the bottom instead of a nasty ham-and-cheese sandwich on white bread, which I hated. Unfortunately, the yogurt was one of the things that marked me as a nerd; most of my schoolmates made fun of me when I brought yogurt. So I find it very amusing to see how trendy yogurt has since become, especially the Greek varieties. Report
Great article, Must read.... Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
I love Greek yogurt but I’m very careful to choose ones with no or low sugar, usually just plain and add fruit. Great article. Report
The only ingredients in the yogurt I buy that is produced by grass fed cows is the cultured used to make it. I prefer to have real fruit with it and it's great in my overnight oats. Report
I make my own yogurt at times, and strain the result for Grk-style or for yogurt cheese. The whey I collect goes into gravies, soups, etc. Thanks for the article. Report
good info .. thanks Report
Good to know, thanks. Report
Love yogart. Thanks for the tips. Report
Great tips! Report
thanks for sharing Report
Good information Report
Great article! Trying to choose a yogurt that fits in with your lifestyle/eating style can be tricky! I always try and shoot for something "down the middle". I prefer Greek but not zero fat, too chalky. I also prefer a natural sweetener. Dannon Naturals is something I used to purchase but can't seem to find it now. I usually get the big tub of vanilla. Sometimes there is a comparable store brand. Report

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