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Wild or Farmed Fish: What's Better?

The Pros and Cons for Your Health and the Planet


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I use wild only buy farmed last resort Report
thanks Report
Awesome...thanks! I only eat wild caught fish...expensive but healthier... Report
Great article Report
I grew up being able to get fresh fish at local markets in Florida, and so for many years, after moving to Kansas, we couldn't get decent fish. We're starting to do more now... but...I learned that farmed Tilapia is gross. I had some in a restaurant and I could literally smell "mud" smell from the Tilapia, not "fresh fish properly prepared" smell, and in the next instant, my teeth kept hitting little gritty bits of sand or soil or I'm not exactly sure which. I wish I could remember which restaurant I was at... but never mind, at any restaurant offering Tilapia, I skip that dish!! Fresh, wild-caught is waaaay better tasting!! Report
interesting Report
Thanks Report
I only eat salmon and perch. Report
It can be tricky Report
Great information! Report
Will go for wild over farm raised any day Report
thanks Report
... always wondered the difference between farmed and wild caught... so glad i read this article... thinking natural anything is better, i'll choose wild from now on...
06/29/18 Report
The article was well balanced. Perhaps there were two important messages: first, the consumer really cannot tell what the nutritional content of any specific piece of fish is, and two: although there are pros and cons to wild catch and farmed fish, reliable research does not support a recommendation for avoiding one or the other from a health perspective.


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