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An Introduction to the Spinning Program

Turn on the Spin Cycle


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I too love spinning - I wear a heart rate monitor and burn on average 250 - 275 calories in a 50 minute class. Not sure where the 500 calorie figure is coming from... Report
I bought a seat cushion, it helps some. Someone also told me they wear maxi pads, to class to cushion their bottom. You can also by bike shorts with padded seats. Report
Started spinning class about two months ago, and I am addicted. Bought shoes for spinning after my first class, it ist much better on my knees. I am 63 years old and love the classes. I go to two classes a week. Report
I started spinning about a 1 1/2 years ago and am totally addicted. It has helped tone my whole body. I never thought I would get up to be at the gym at 5:00 am so I wouldn't miss spin class! I have never been a big cardio person,so if I can do it, anyone can. Report
Yesterday was my first spin class - it was fun! The instructor was super nice and said "you know, some people can only take a few minutes the first time - they can't take the seat too long" and encouraged me to do what I could and just keep working on it.

It was fun, but wow was she right! My "sit bones" hurt so bad that I had to quit 20 minutes in! Today...they are aching big time and my hamstrings are TIGHT! So lots of stretching today, then I'm going back tomorrow! Report
Wish me luck i'm finally going to join a spin class next tuesday!

I can't wait. i'm excited! :D

10/25/2008 11:05:44 AM

A spinning cycle is not you ordinary stationary bike. Give it a try at your gym and you will see the difference. "
There aren't any gyms in this country for women, I don't live in the USA. Report
Feel in love with spinning the first time I took a class. Since then unfortunately, I no longer have a gym membership, and have not been able to find a spin class to take that's independent from having to join a gym. Report
A spinning cycle is not you ordinary stationary bike. Give it a try at your gym and you will see the difference. Report
So plain old exercise bikes are now called spinning? Report
Where can I find a spinning class in the 92630 or 92651 area?? Report
They offer a spin class at the gym at work. I took the class twice, but it kicked my butt. I will give it another shot. I am lucky that I can workout for free at my worksite gym, or I would not be able to swing the classes. I don't have an excuse for not doing it other than time. Report
I must say that everything they say about Spinning in this article is true. Especially when they say it is for all fitness levels. I am not an athelic person and I tried Spinning becasue of a co-worker three months ago. Now I love!!! If you are afarid of this class like I was go for it. Report
Great advice.Thanks Report
Hi everyone I bought a stationary bike on November 28/07 and I haven't missed a day on my bike yet. Even when I am not feeling good I have to do my 40 minutes or it drives me crazy if I don't get up in the morning and just do it. So far with Sparkpeople I have lost 34 lbs and owe a lot of it to my spinning. So all you Sparklers get out and spin you will love it just like I do Starr Report

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