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An Introduction to the Spinning Program

Turn on the Spin Cycle


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I love spinning .. it was the first cardio class i ever tried (by accident and an inablility to read the timetable at the gym properly lol). I've now been doing spin classes for a couple of years and still absolutely love it . I also ride my bike outside lots but never get the satisfaction or the calories burnt that I can get through a 45 min class. I am always getting comments from others in the class about how fit I am now and I should be getting paid comission for all the others that I convince to give the class a go .. if I can do it anybody can. In fact, I'm heading off for a class now!!!!! Give it a go .. my heart rate monitor says I burn at least 500 calories a class .. the most enjoyable way I've found to get rid of them lol. Report
I like to exercise as part of my alone time, & spinning allows you to visualize your way right out of the darkened room. I can bike like a demon & not worry about getting picked off by a car. People should not be intimidated by those with the spinning shoes and chamois bottoms. The apparel is just a sign of their commitment to their exercise of choice. Having ridden outdoors with cycling shoes, they do make a huge difference if you are getting into riding. Just like runners eventually wind up getting fitted for some decent shoes and wicking material running clothes. If you find something you like to do, eventually you are going to invest in the tools.

I agree! It doesn't make any sense to pay exhorbitant amounts of money to go to the gym and ride a stationary bike if you can ride one at home. Better yet, go outside and get some fresh air while can burn just as many calories and it will save some money. Report
I can ride a stationary bike at home for free, or better yet, get fresh air on my street bike. Budgets don't always allow for paid classes like this. Report
I'm a spinner--the old fashioned (i.e. 20,000 years ago) variety! I admit to riding a stationary bike as well, but honestly prefer the other kind of spinning wheel. If only I could spin while spinning :D The Aquatic center that I joined has 2 bikes that look like mountain bikes, a regular stationary bike and a recumbent bike. I prefer the regular stationary bike to the mountain bikes, because of the programing and because the seat is a little wider and more comfortable. Report
I live in a small town, and there is only one spinning center here. However, the class seems like they are all friends, and highly competitive, and very elitist. So I didn't go back. I probably would have like it except for the atmosphere. Too bad. Report
I was disappointed when I went to - almost the entire site is a SALES PITCH! "Spinning bikes", shoes, clothing, etc.........What about those of us who just want to exercise? Does this mean that we have to spend hundreds (thousands!) of dollars to get in shape? Face it - a leotard, or shorts and top, for exercising is a WHOLE lot cheaper!
Also - the idea of spending 40 minutes on a bike - INDOORS - just doesn't make sense to me............I can plug into my mp3, get on my bike, and actually enjoy the outdoors.
NOPE - doesn't seem like "spinning" would be my cup of tea - at all............ Report
I've been spinning now about 3 yrs. I too was one that thought they wouldn't fit in or it would be too hard on my hips and knees. Well that was then, my favorite coach professionally races so his classes are intense, but anyone can do them. He choreographs the music and the ride perfectly. A good class pushes you(if you want it) to greater levels of aerobic strength. Much tougher than any other activity I've found. Since there all different levels of atheletes and enthusiasts you have that added level of competitiveness. I've made alot of new friends thru spinning. Report
I love spinning. I am the biggest girl in the class but I work so hard. You can set your own intensity so it is tough but not unaccomplishable. I go once and week and love my enthusiastic instructor. Report
I love this article because more people need to try this activity. I was afraid to go to the class at first because I thought it would be for those die-hard athletes. The truth is that it is for all levels, you make it what you want it to be. I am glad I tried it, spinning IS what got my fitness program started and helped maintain it. The classes increased my endurance and got my cardiovascular system ready for preparing a running program. Report
A great audio spinning program can be found on - excellent, challenging - just like being in a class at the gym. Report
For DVD's and music (CD's) go to You can purchase them through that site. Report
I currently don't have a gym membership. Are there any Dvd's or VHS for home use? Please let me know! Thanks so much! :) Report
I just started doing spin classes, and the first two classes were sooo hard for me. I almost felt like it wasn't for me, but I went at my own pace and now am able to do so much more after just a few classes. So hang in there, and you will surprise yourself at how quickly you can keep up. It is a great, low- impact workout. I am 50, and just started- so it is good for all ages and fitness levels. Report
I tried a spin class about 4 weeks ago, and am hooked. I just love the work out I get, and feel great at the end of class. It is also something my husband and I can do together, but each of us can to at our own rates. Report

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