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15 Natural Mood Lifters

Quick and Easy Ways to Lift Your Spirit


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Good suggestions. Report
Get a cat and decide to be happy. That's what I did and it worked for me. Report
Thanks! Report
Thank you Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
All great suggestions, thanks Report
What a great cocktail thanks
Excellent article that will help me Report
Good to know Report
I don't think the research supports eating small meals throughout the day. Keeping insulin high all day hinders the body's ability to burn stored fat. Fasting promotes mental clarity. Other than that, the tips are good. IMHO Report
Good article. Thank you. Report
I think having a routine is helpful. I was in a clinical depression some years ago & placed on a Rx. However diet, nutritional supplements like Vit D, light therapy, & regular exercise were all helpful. It took the combination to eventually get me into a better place. Everything was scheduled: Weekdays & weekends/holidays. Others looked forward to time away from work & part of me dreaded it since I had more time to fill.
Planning forced me to get up, grocery shop, meal prep, eat healthy, go outside (usually a walk by the bay), & find things to do around other people. I knew that I had to keep those "appointments" to get well. Some days, checking off my list was the high point rather than the activity itself.
I hope anyone who is depressed tries these suggestions & communicates with others both on person & online. Sparkers are here to help.🐨 Report
thanks Report
It's hard to keep a bad mood going once you have decided to be happy. Report

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