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A Runner's Guide to Injury Prevention

How Runners Can Prevent and Treat Common Injuries


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Great Article...…………..Thank You. Report
Crosstraining should be in capital letters! Report
Good information Report
This is a great article for all levels of runners. In my run clubs, I can tell who is not running smart by the type of injuries incurred. I started having a few injuries every year until I trained for my first Marathon. Training,(strength, stretch, and various run drills), is everything! You must have a timely plan. You stop running for a couple of weeks, go to a arce to PR, and you might go down with injury! I had one stretch of Physical Training which lasted 2 months. NOT FUN! I had to start back from square one.Your shoes are also critical. They will break down in training miles. (300-400miles recommended change) I'm posting this article in several of my social media pages. Thanks, Coach! Report
Great info. Thanks. Report
I have had to deal with all the above problems over the years. The above exercises will help inn the recovery if it happens again. Report
I am not a runner, yet I read the article because my husband is. Loved the solid information provided and the stretches and suggestions to help heal and prevent future injuries. Ten years ago I had a wicked case of plantar's fasciitis; this is so incredibly painful. Over time the stretches listed do help, I just want to stress how important it is to use the tennis ball. Every morning I roll both feet over one before getting out of bed. Every morning. I am not interested in a repeat nightmare, and this really helps. If you have a flare up now, really crank the ball on the part that hurts the most. A true game changer... Report
I have had shin splints and plantar fasciitis...both took a long time to heal. I got my shin splints from walking fast all the time to keep up with others (I am short) and it got better with Motrin/ice/stretching (took a while though). I got plantar fasciitis while I was training for a half marathon and needed to change out my shoes and apparently my feet didn't like the new ones so I had to stop jogging altogether (several weeks)...then I went back to my old shoes until after the run event. I am horrible with stretching...don't put much time into it since I don't have the patience for it but I am going to try to add strength training and stretching into my routine. Thank you for the ideas. Report
I developed plantar fasciitis and ( I think) runner's knee, long before I ever started on SP ( work as a cleaner, so I'm on my feet and up and down stairs all day). The foot stretch described here, does work, but you have to keep at it, at least 3 times a day, for a long time. I also found that wearing Skechers Shape ups helped, as the arch support presses right up into your arch, plus, the shape of them also takes the pressure off your heel, which is what becomes agony with PF. The runner's knee only really started to go away once I'd lost 20+ pounds with SP. I've read that every pound of your weight amounts to 3 lbs on your knees, more if you're going up stairs. So now I've taken 66 pounds off my knees! Report

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