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How to Maintain Your Workout Motivation All Year Long

12 Tips to Keep Moving Today, Tomorrow--and Beyond!


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Great, thanks Report
this is me Report
Thank you Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Thanks Report
Good Ideas Report
Thank you! Report
Yes! If I get dressed right after getting out of bed and put my shoes on (NOT my slippers), I will exercise. That is a msg. to my brain that I mean business! Great article. Report
thanks Report
AWRIGHT! Common sense stuff that remains unobserved. Report
I often forget that the simple act of brushing your teeth can help control the urge to munch. Thank you for these excellent tips. Report
Thanks for the great article!! I needed that!! I do know that brushing my teeth after a meal (especially dinner) helps me not to snack on junk food later in the evening! Report
The do it because it is scheduled is a great one. It busts the excuses of I don't feel like it. I am not in the mood. Thinking of it like work help as in you go to work because it is scheduled.
Motivation for a procrastinator is not so easy. Report
thanks Report

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