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Break Free from the Scale!

How to Stop the Scale from Determining Your Self-Worth


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Thank you for sharing. Report
Weight and BMI are just guides Report
Great article. Thanks. Report
I did ditch the scale for many years, only weighing once a year at the doctor's office. Every year for 3 years I put on 10 pounds. My doctor would say, "You know, you've put on 10 pounds since last year" I wear leggings and really didn't notice it looking in the mirror. I think because it was gradual weight gain, it was harder to tell. So for me, I can no longer ditch the scale. I have to weigh myself once a week to keep myself at a healthy weight. Report
great all that you talk about is true but people needs to lose weight with simple strategies this week one friend to me has told me about program that you can lose 84 pounds with 2 steps and i just start this program it's really simple to do it i leave you this lik you will find this prog directly hope that help anyone here
tell me next if does work with you too
sarra Report
I like my scales and I use them to monitor my maintenance weight on regular bases. Report
I am one of the people who can become obsessive about the scale. My solution is to weigh myself once a week somewhere other than at home - for a good while now that has been at our local Publlix store or SAM's where there is a HIGI station . That way I don't have to keep the scale at home and it is a lot better option for me. Report
I use my scale as a tool just like I use my measuring cups and food scale to help me on my journey to become healthier and in the process to lose weight. I use it to guide me when I do gain weight over a week because I then look over my eating and exercising for the past week to see where I can make changes to my program to get back on track. Report
thank you Report
I weigh myself every day. Tried leaving it for a week once and I was up 8 pounds. Never again. Report
Great read...going to start tomorrow since I've already jumped on the scale first thing this morning Report
I learned about the scale and what it does not tell me a long time I've learned to love my scale. Report
I know that if you let it the scale can make you feel depressed if it goes up but you don't have to let it. I read that a lot of successful loser who have kept the weight off, weigh daily. But you have to realize that every up and down isn't important but the trend over time is what you look at. Report
I hate my scale!!! Report
Awesome...thanks! Report

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