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Boost Your Bathing Suit Confidence

How to Feel Your Best When You're Baring It All


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great article Report
Don't think I have worn a bathing suit in years. Report
Swimming is for swimmers. No matter what you look like in a swim suit, enjoy your movement. Report
I am overweight and have crepy skin, but, I still love going to the pool and the beach. Water exercises are much easier on your joints and you don't have to wipe sweat. I will continue to swim as long as my body allows me too. Report
Swimming? Outdoors I hope. Away from other people. Report
Good need-to-know information, thanks! Report
Thank you for sharing. Report
This was very helpful. Thank you! Report
Great article! Report
Good article Report
Swimming was one of my pleasures when I was young. Then the smell of chlorine in indoor pool areas made me sick. Outdoor pools are not open in cold climates. My vision got so bad, I had to give up going in the ocean because I would not be able to see the parking lot. My cataracts and astigmatism have been repaired. Now I have some conditions that make it risky to swim in the surf. I still carry a swim suit when we travel. No telling when I will be able to use it. I opt for more modest suits. Report
Great article! Report
I'm 77 and don't wear a bathing suit because I don't want to get wet or go to the trouble of getting to a pool. If I wanted to, I would wear a suit and I have many years ago. I overcame the "way I look" by looking at other people in suits, men and women. You can ALWAYS find someone who looks worse than you.

Just smile... if someone is looking at your face they won't be looking at your body. Report

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