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Chronic Stress: Something to Worry About!

How to Stop Stress in Its Tracks


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Thanks Report
what, me worry. :) Report
Thanks Report
Wow. Good one Report
Very informative article. Thanks Report
I've gone through a lifetime of being told to "take control" no matter what job I had at the time. I've found to my own detriment that most often is not possible. The only one I can control is me. The rest has to float away, regardless of the outcome. Report
Great Article! Thanks for sharing this one! Report
interesting article and comments Report
Interesting article ... good ideas. Report
Good article! Report
At the present time, I am dealing with my inheritance and SSA. I am reacting to stress my stomach hurts after I eat, and I feel like throwing up. I plan on visiting my doctor within the next week and also working with a CPA for how my money is to be distributed (it is in a Special Needs Trust Fund). That will be a relief with the CPA so I'm not worried about that. I normally handle stress really well. Report
i get shortness of breath when i get anxious Report
A great read Report
Thank you! Report
This was very helpful. Thank you for the article. Report

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