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6 Ways to Maintain Your Mental Flexibility

Learn to Roll with the Punches and Dodge Life's Wrenches


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I had hoped to get some good ideas from this article and the author made some valid points BUT I don't get the connection with leaving a messy bathroom or dirty dishes in the sink with developing mental flexibility. Sounds like an excuse to be lazy and sloppy. Some of us have developed habits like making the bed before we get dressed, loading the dishwasher after a meal, etc to keep things neat & tidy in a quick & easy manner rather than letting messes build up. In my mind coming home from work to a house left messy on purpose is not going to help me with anything. Report
The reference to im possible as 'possible' represents, to me, the capacity to LET GO of what you cannot change and search opportunities where you CAN change things, situations, etc. and not let the uncontrollable control you and your actions. Report
Because of the picture of the word changing impossible to possible I thought it was going to be about that. it was a good article but being flexible is one thing I can do. I like to make plans but they can be changed.
But even better was that I read " i m possible with the i and me crossed out to: da, tada,a da.....

I M POSSIBLE. I am possible! That sure is a positive statement! And all things are possible with commitment from ourselves and encouragement from those who matter to us. Report
Oh my this is me through and through. Going to print this out so I can re read it and take note and start making some changes to maybe make my life a little easier Report
I read this article with interest and want to thank the author for sharing her thoughts. Where 'the flow' is headed today, is not somewhere I want to be though. I must make my way day by day, without relinquishing what is important while trying to live a decent and honest life. Report
I dunno one man's roll with the punches is another man's lazy indifference.

I'm just not sure I see the connection between leaving dishes in the sink and lowering stress levels. Maybe living in a messy house causes me more stress than taking the 30 seconds to put the dishes in the dishwasher on my way out the door. Report

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