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How a 'Bad Food' Attitude Can Backfire


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Excellent article about the psychology behind food cravings and how to manage them when trying to lose weight. I grew very weary of diets. They all came with rules about "eat this" or "don't eat that". I love the SparkPeople message about making wise food choices for one's health and viewing all foods as nutrition - neither good or bad. Thank you for writing this wonderful article. It has helped to make me wise about the mind traps we sometimes set for ourselves. Report
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Very interesting article. Thanks! Report
Thank yqou Report
I still think of food as "legal" or "illegal", a leftover from the old says of WW. Report
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very insightful! Report
good info Report
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Excellent read. Portion sizes, food planning, will power and common sense is very important in having a successful weight management goal. Report
I agree with this article. Regarding food as bad does not help me reach my goal. Report
Moderation is key, I have definitely found this to be true. Report
It's the sugar cravings that keeps jamming me up Report
thank you Report
I do agree that food labeling good and bad is setting yourself up for certain psychological triggers. However I am not one of those people that can eat certain foods in moderation. I have found what works what works best for me is what I call a green light yellow light red light system. My red light foods are foods that are going to be triggering for me. That means the probability of me eating the serving size and putting it down is probably less than 10%. For me I watch my emotions around these foods. I practice something I learned a few years ago called HALT Hurt Angry Lonely Tired. If I'm feeling any of these 4 then eating a red light food is setting me up for a binge. I really watch my emotions around high sugar treats. For me I just have to realize that today I make a choice not to consume a certain item and that's my choice. It's not good or bad because as we all know each food that we eat has some consequences that come along with it some good some bad. I literally think to myself "okay if I want to eat this if I make that choice what are the consequences that come along with this food choice?". So it's not good or bad but it is a weighing of if the feeling of satisfaction I get from eating something that's high sugar is worth the guilt and knocking me out of my eating plan. However it still continues to be a slippery slope for me and I have to make these choices every time I put food in my mouth. Report

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