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10 Ways to Eat Healthier at the Office


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Thank you for sharing. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
thank you Report
I lose easiest when I am at work because of the routine of the day! Report
My work days are the easiest to stay on track. I pack my food the night before and enter it into SparkPeople so I know exactly where I’m at for the day. Plus I have my big water bottle on my desk and refill once in the work day. My coworkers and I always take the stairs, and we’ve found the farthest bathroom to use during the day to get extra steps in! I also park at the farthest spot so actually get 500 steps in just getting to my desk in the morning! As a group, we try not to bring tempting junk food in, only the rare special occasion we’ll celebrate. But when I’m at home, with the kids always asking for snacks, it much harder to stick to my plan! Report
Something to think about...Thanks for the info! Report
Office food can often throw off your planned diet Report
always good info Report
Just as good on the second read! Report
I think it was the office that really helped when I started. Began bringing my lunch and taking short walk breaks. Gradually my lunch time meals totally changed and I was a getting in 3 10 + minute walks every day. My colleagues were great - 2 out of 3 were very healthy eaters. Report
Good to know. Report
Avoiding soda and snack machines really helps me. Report
Great article. The office is fraught with danger! Report
Thank you Report

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