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A Fat-Free Super Food That's Big on Taste

Onions Pack a Low-Calorie Punch of Flavor & Nutrition


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Love onions. Raw or cooked. My mom used to eat onion sandwiches. Lol. Must get it from her! Report
good article Report
I don't care for raw onions, but I love them cooked. Good to know that cooking does not depreciate from their benefits! Report
I plant two beds of onions in my garden, also grow green onions in my herb bed. We use onions almost every day. Report
i don't actually care for onions. I do eat them ocassionally though Report
Love Vidalia onions and also green onions. Report
Onion rings! Ted's Montana Grille and The Varsity are the best! Report
Onions are awesome. I love them! Report
WOW...thanks... Report
Onions. Count as a veggie no matter how you fix them! No matter what kind of onion! Report
Love onions! Report
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that fresh Vidalia onions are quite sweet and think they get a bad rap due to the rumors that when they are sliced, they open up your tear duckets. Report
I did not know that chives are in the onion family. Thanks! Report
Excellent onions, thanks for the need-to-know information! Report
I have chives in my herb bed, green onions in my flower bed and I just harvested a bed of sweet onions and red onions in the garden. Im going to plant some leeks next Spring. Report

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