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Dealing with the Holiday Blues

What to Do When You Feel Down During a Cheerful Season


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These will be holidays like we've never had before! Report
Thanks! Report
thanks Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Great article. This will help me a lot. Report
Thanks for this article! I've been trying to give myself more space to think about how I'm feeling around holiday time in an effort to overcome the emotional eating that hits then. I'm sure some of the mid-winter reaction also involves the limited daylight for us in the north. I'm trying to accept my increased need for rest during the dark season, but it's always hard to give myself credit for something that society doesn't value. Anyway, I recognize that without enough rest I'm not a person that even I want to be around :) Thanks to Spark People, these days rest means much more than curling up on the sofa but includes, for example, unplugging myself with a relaxed walk just enjoying my surroundings and not worrying about speed, calorie burn, or what's next on the endless to-do list. Report
I find that the more well I am, the more I like the holidays. If I'm not feeling well, I can't really enjoy myself, no matter how hard I try. I just like to stay home then, you know, not go out to family dinners or anything. Report
Trying to stay positive this year but the pain is bringing me down again....I am beginning to not like the holidays and I am not happy with myself for feeling that's a yo-yo time of year Report
Excellent article, really made me think. Now, my goal for this year and beyond, is to make my insides feel as happy as the outside smile that I show everyone else. Report

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