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Calorie Calculations 101

How SparkPeople Calculates Your Personal Calorie Range


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How do you change the numbers in calculating the BMR? For instance: from a sedentary life to lightly active. Report
Very, very helpful! I read this twice and will utilize it for reference. Report
thanks Report
Thank you for the information. Report
Good info and thanks for sharing. Report
Thank you for the excellent information. Report
Thanks for the great information! :) Report
So I'm trying to figure out the range that sparkpeople give for my daily limit, the low end makes sense 1720, but the high end is 2070 which is 350 more calories then what i should be eating to lose 1 lb. i'm so confused, it's been driving me nuts. Report
Lots of good info Report
Morning! Thanks! for sharing! Keep Sparking! Report
Excellent article! Report
Very informative article. Thanks. Report
Thanks! Report
This is pretty interesting - thank you for posting! Report

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