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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?


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Interesting; the one other thing around protein would be, for plant-based proteins, combinations to achieve amino acid completeness, i.e. beans and rice are a complete protein. But might have made article too long. Report
unsalted nuts, soy,, Report
I am 76 and I feel that I need a lot of protein! Report
Excellent info! Thanks for sharing this one! Report
Thanks for sharing Report
i'm 60 yrs old now. I do eat a lot of protein Report
Great information. Thanks. Report
Excellent article, good need-to-know information! Report
Good article, but I think it should have included the dangers and warning signs of getting too much protein. There has been a tremendous rise in kidney disease in recent years due to this hype over increased protein consumption Report
Thanks. Report
Lots of useful information here, thanks. Report
Good info Report
I think it's really important to obtain more current information and be especially mindful of the quality of the studies cited. Trusted, non-biased sources only Report

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