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The Weight-Loss Side Effect That No One Talks About

Will I Have Excess Skin Once I Lose Weight?


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People do discuss loose skin & there are TV shows about it specific to weight loss & some that cover plastic surgery in general & of course show patients having skin removal procrdures too. What is downplayed is how uncomfortable the aftereffects can be & how long recovery can be, everyone reacting differently. These people must have their dressings & bandages changed which requires someone else as a caregiver to help
& others must wear support garments for months afterward & engage in physical therapy. That would rule out recovery during summer months for a lot of folks as it is already hot. Some might prefer it due to work schedules. Like so many decisions its complicated so do your homework beforehand if you are considering it at all. Report
I have huge body image issues since my weight loss. Intimacy is hard and I hate that I can't wear sleeveless shirts because of horrific bat wings. It is a real issue for many people who have lost a significant amount of weight. Report
I never really thought about the downside of weight loss given that I have not maintained loss long enough to worry about it. Report
I too SHOW OFF my FLABBY FLAB!! After all I've lost 125 lbs and that was NOT easy, so it IS MINE and I EARNED IT!!

I too call it my TROPHY!!

I am HAPPY to show it and say "That's what it LOOKS Like when you work your BUTT OFF!! It just SLIDES AROUND to other area's!" It gets a giggle (to go with my jiggle!) and I am able to encourage others to ALSO JOIN SPARKS!!

MANY of my Dr's now recommend Sparks!!! WOOHOO!!

I am a 73 year old great grandmom. I have some hanging abdominal skin, but at my age I don't think going under the knife would be a good idea at my age. I'll just live with it. So far I have lost 45 lbs. Report
I never really thought about the adverse effects of weight loss. Report
Great article! Thanks! Report
Thank you! Report
Thank you for sharing this great information! Report
Good article; however many of us can not afford the expense of excess skin removal, but I m skill trying to lose weight anyway. Report
Don't think it's a matter of "no one talks about" this topic, indeed, many are hesitant to start losing because of the fear of having loose skin. Great info in this article, thanks! Report

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