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5 Diet Mistakes That Derail Your Workouts

These Food Flubs Affect Athletic Performance


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So agree with previous post. When you're under five feet all calories count. Report
For the most part I agree. However, unless you worked out on an empty stomach, having something to eat 30 minutes after lifting is splitting hairs at best and adding unnecessary calories for the overweight, at worse. The fact is that if you had protein and carbs before your workout, it's still digesting and supplying your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow after the workout. I've seen a trend towards people being more worried about what foods they should shove in their mouths after their workout than getting quality exercise during the workout. Exercise hard. If you are hungry or if you exercised on an empty stomach, eat something. Otherwise, don't sweat it. Forcing yourself to eat when you are not hungry is good for no one but the underweight. Report
Love the article, but the link to determine how much protein you need doesn't work! :( Report
Your links within the article don't work. Report

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