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8 Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser

Make a Habit You Can Stick with for Good!


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Great article on the second read! Report
I like early morning- not so many people at the gym and it's done Report
Thank You...………….. Report
By exercising 1st thing in the morning it guarantees it gets done. Report
Excellent share! Report
Great tips. Report
First thing in the morning is the only time that is always there. Later in the day, there are liable to be other things that destroy your plans. Report
I do some in the morning, but the bulk at night Report
I do better if I exercise in the morning. The longer I put it off the less likely I am to do it Report
thanks Report
Something to look forward to and then get on with your day. Report
morning exercise i9s the best! Report
I put my workout clothes, including my sneakers and socks, on the bathroom vanity. That way, they're right there and there's no excuse! Report
Interesting, but I will probably never be a morning exerciser, except the morning farm chores, which are really a lot more exercise then most people get anyway. Over the years of living alone after my DH passing I find that I enjoy my privacy and alone time, the last thing in the world I would ever want is an exercise buddy. When I feel like it is time for my walk, I just go, no appointments, phone calls or exercise dates, no waiting on someone else, or having to cancel because a lamb or calf is about to arrive, also no walking to someone else’s pace, which is always too slow or too fast for my pace. To leave the accountability to an exercise buddy is to do what so many people do nowadays, not take responsibility for their own actions. Report

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