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12 of the Worst Restaurant Foods


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Firstly given that this article is a few months shy of FOUR YEARS old and given that restaurant menus change often (I work in this field), I cannot help but wonder how many of the items referenced are even in existence at this time...Secondly, when people go out to eat, they dont go out to eat healthy, if they did, they wouldnt go out to eat...MY suggestion would be to know your food, eat in moderation, remember your portion control and as such go as a pair or group buy 1-3 dishes and share Share SHARE...go out to be entertained by the people youre with, not by the food youre eating. Report
Good advice for every week eating out . u feel at time we need to enjoy some high calorie foods with friends and i the time i have had the blooming onion we shared it at a group and even took some home sharing it i believe we can enjoy these foods. but not all the time . Report
I’m on vacation right now and expect to go home slightly slimmer because of careful eating out and lots of walking. Just reading about those foods make me feel sick. Report
Oh my... the U of T is right on, as usual. I have had bits of the blooming onion but maybe 5 years ago. They are being proactive here in Toronto. I have eaten at Red Robin ...they have good options. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Interesting but I'm not surprised. Report
Yikes! Theses are all so bad! I've only ever had the blooming onion and that was shared with the table. Report
I've never eaten at any of these restaurant chains; in fact, I haven't even heard of several of them. That said, I consider going out to eat as a rare, special occasion rather than a weekly (or even monthly) treat. So IF I were to eat at any of these, I'd pick what I like. ONE meal isn't going to kill me, especially if I "budget" for it by eating much less before and after. It's a problem ONLY if it becomes a regular part of one's diet. Report
I don’t swear on posts but holy guackamole people! What the fudge are you putting in your body? So glad I’ve never eaten these meals. The closest is the blooming onion, which we shared with 3+ people, and wasted 1/2. Yikes! I didn’t know calories could go so high lol. Report
Fortunately, the only one of these I have even tried is the Bloomin' Onion. It was Go-o-o-o-o-o-od Report
I agree that many restaurant meals can be completely over the top. But a savvy consumer can eat healthy if one is careful. Just a note on that IHOP Country fried steak breakfast - 520 grams of fat would put this over 4500 calories (nor counting carbs or protein!). I suspect that zero shouldn't be there. Report
Many of these meals are no longer served st some of those restaurants. Funny thing, when restaurants come up with "healthy" meals, they are not popular choices, and don't sell well!! Despite all the whining by some folks about "health", when going out to eat, they want tasty more than "healthy", and then the consumer can blame the restaurant for weight gain. Report
Thanks for this! Report
I used to love the 'bloomin onion' - who knew how bad it was for you!! Report
Thanks for sharing. Report

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