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Blue Apron: Signed, Sealed, Delicious?

Did the Meal Delivery Service Live Up to the Hype?


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Too much cooking for me! Report
I've never tried a service like this one, because of food allergies. Most of these types of places aren't allergen friendly. Report
What about all the plastic everything arrives sealed in? What happens with all that? Report
Awesome...thanks!! Report
If you were really busy, and could afford it, maybe this would be a good way to learn new recipes. Or you could just go to the bookstore and buy a cookbook! It's actually pretty easy to not get too many ingredients when you go to the store. If that's happening a lot to you, you must be buying prepackaged things. Buy smaller amounts! Report
Thanks Report
not sure this is a good idea Report
My neighbor had that and they kept dropping the box at the driveway and not the front door. Not big driveway and so they could of dropped it at their door. Report
What's wrong with thinking for yourself and just trying some recipes? Report
This really should be labeled as an ad. Report
More advertising... Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
We tried it, and while I love the "cooking school in a box," the portions sizes were too calorific for us. We did learn a few new techniques, though! Report
It's not for us, their meals sound too yucky and use foods I wouldn't even want to smell let alone taste! Too much time wasting reading and storing the stuff. Why is it these kinds of "services" have food choices that suck, wouldn't fix them even on my own? I wouldn't want them even if I lived alone, a waste of money. Report

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