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52 Ways to Ditch Your Diet for Good

Tips, Tools and Tricks that Lead to Permanent Weight Loss


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thank you Report
Great ideas to consider. Report
EXCELLENT article! Thanks for sharing this one!! Report
Thanks for the tips! Report
Thanks! Report
This article is almost four years old and though it has some good advice, it is obviously outdated. (It definitely has some useful reminders though!)

Hopefully it will be updated soon! Report
Some good advice here, but some really bad, too. "Eat often" is bad advice. How about "eat only when you're hungry"? Also, the 10K steps thing has been debunked--it was a marketing ploy to sell pedometers. (A good BBC article about this:
). I'm 5 pounds from goal -- and I frequently skip breakfast, I've eaten at buffets, don't eat the minute I feel hungry (part of winning this game is learning to have control over urges), etc. Hunger is not the enemy! Hunger happens. If I haven't planned a snack, I can wait until dinner. I seriously won't die. Report
always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for when the scale isn't moving Report
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Great article Report
Thank you! Report
thanks Report
Thanks for the ideas! Report

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