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The 10 Most Common Reasons People Regain Weight

The Tips You Need to Keep the Weight Off for Good


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This is a great article!! Can't wait until I'm maintaining Report
Great Article Report
Learning to accept that my body is not naturally thin is a real struggle for me. So much negative social messaging harms our children in so many ways. Report
Excellent read. Good need-to-know information! Report
Thank you! Report
I agree: weighing yourself every day allows you to avoid slippjng back dramatically. Report
Weighing every day works for me. Daily adjustments are easily done. Report
@BROOKLYN_BORN is right. The only time I successfully maintained weight loss is when I weigh every morning and make those adjustments immediately so not to go completely off the rails. Great article/refresher course. I know the human body can fight you all the way trying to keep that weight on. Short term crash diets might get a few pounds off but as soon as you resume eating they hop right back on and then some. Report
Nearly 10 years in Maintenance now with the help of the SP team recommended by Maree1953 and also (though many will reject this advice), weigh yourself every morning (or as often as possible). I can recover from the gain of a few pounds by adjusting my food and exercise, but suddenly seeing a double digit gain would be very depressing. Note that going by "how your clothes fit" can be self defeating. Today's fashion has a lot of "stretch" potential. Report
I was told in OA that I never had to feel that despair again. If I stick to my Plan, I don't. Report
I highly recommend joining the SP team At Goal and Maintaining or Transitioning to Maintaining for resources to help maintain that goal weight and stop the yo yo gain for once and for all! Report
So much about permanent lifestyle changes Report
So true! Not a diet, a change. Report

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