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So You Gained Weight. Now What?

How to Keep Moving Forward Toward Your Goals


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Thanks Report
I have regained 12 pounds but I'm never giving up. Never Report
I have regained--while tracking and exercising. BUT I will 1) be nice to myself 2) up the water and 3) be sonsistent with the walking--plus my exercises. I will get back to where I was. Report
Good article. I have stepped away from the scale. I went from 289 pounds to 165- 167 with fluctuations. My weight now feels like a 120.... to me.
But most importantly, my health is great! I no longer take any medications. My BP is perfect as is my cholesterol.
I have much to be grateful for. Report
Great info. Report
Very informational Report
Really struggling with this. I have gained almost 40 lbs after 2 knee replacement surgeries and have really been beating myself up with that. Report
Thank you. Helpful. Just gained 3lb on vacation. I will now hopefully use it as an opportunity to see what I could have done rather than just looking at it as a BIG failure. Report
thank you Report
I'm always hardest on myself. Report
We all need to talk to ourselves positively. We fall. We get back up. As many times as necessary. Report
Just what i needed to hear 👍 Report
Tks Report
thanks.... Report

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