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So You Gained Weight. Now What?

How to Keep Moving Forward Toward Your Goals


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I am maintaining my weight and every once in awhile you need to read a article like this to get yourself refocused. Report
I really needed this article today. Thank you so much! Report
thank you Report
Excellent article for me!! I've been so down on myself lately, ashamed that I haven't stayed the course, but in reading this, I feel like picking myself up again and getting a reasonable "turtle plan" up and moving again. Thank you, Jen - this article was a gift. Report
Thank you Report
helpful article thank you Report
Just what I needed to hear today, thank you Report
Great information for all! Report
This is a good reminder that I needed today. Report
Things of which we should be aware! Report
I like this article, but to make sure I stay on track I have to weigh my self daily. Report
Great article. However, for me, NOT getting on the scale just doesn't work. I was at my heaviest in 2010; I never even looked at the scale for years. That was a huge detriment to me. So.....I now weigh myself every morning....yes, every morning. For me, it works.
We are all unique human beings....what works for one may not work for another.
I have started over many times and still change my plan frequently. I am at the point where I have stopped looking at the scale and concentrate on small victories. One day at a time. Attitude is everything. Report

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