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9 Things to Consider Before Setting Your Goal Weight


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great... thanks Report
Great article Report
good ones Report
Thank you. Report
So if I'm 100 lbs overweight, should I not set my goal at 100 lbs? I can see how this explains why people can't lose 10 lbs when they're already at a healthy weight, but what about the obese people? Not much help here. Report
I don't know if I should be excited about the possibilities or discouraged from all the "down side" effects. Report
It will probably change Report
Great advice if you're just starting out Report
Thanks Report
This is a great article for those who are just starting and for those who have been going at it for a while. I would recommend taking the time to find out if you are an ecto, meso, or edomorph. This could give you insight on how your body burns calories and what eating habits are best for you. Report
This should be a MUST read article when people first sign up. It'd help with those who want it GONE RIGHT NOW AND I'LL DO ANYTHING TO GET THERE mentality.

It's all solid advice. Makes so much sense. I am and always will be one who LOVES junk food!! To try to go without it,,puts me INTO A PANIC!! But!! I've lost 125 lbs because I allow at least a little bit of it into my calorie allowance daily. Report
Definitely “food for thought”
😊. All good info for finding the right weight. I think it is not so much the number on the scale as it is the feeling of healthy energy, of good lifestyle choices Report
thanks Report

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