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The Benefits of Being a Slow Loser

When It Comes to Weight Loss, Faster Isn't Always Better


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Thank you Report
thank you Report
Great information. Thanks. Report
thanks Report
Great advice. I've also read that losing slowly gives your skin a chance to adjust to your weight loss, so you may be less likely to have a large amount of loose skin after you've reached your goal weight. Report
This is so true! Report
Good article! Report
I agree! Thank you. Report
Being able to maintain your weight loss is the key. Changes have to be permanent. Report
thank you Report
Thanks Report
Slow and steady wins the race - that's why I'm a member of the Determined Desert Tortoises team on BLC42 starting 8 Jan 2020.
:-) Report
Thank you Report
This is so encouraging! Thanks to health issues it's very hard for me to exercise so I've mostly accomplished what I have through counting calories and working with a dietician. I'm 15 pounds down and counting, and it's taken me over a year. I'm still really proud of myself. Report

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