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Mix and Match to Find the Best Weight-Loss Plan for You


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I still haven't found what will work for me. Everything I try helps me gain weight. Report
Awesome...thanks... Report
So true!
I call it "tweaking" my program.
And it's a journey of adjustments.
Great article Report
And don't be surprised that what works for six weeks or six months may stop working and despite your best efforts, regain begins. A signal it's time to shake it up try something new. Report
Thank you helps a lot. Report
Awesome article! Report
Great tips. I keep re-reading this artile Report
My point exactly, find what works for YOU and never mind about what works for anyone else! Report
Good article but i wish people would remember if you want to "pack in the protein" meat isn't the only answer. There's tofu, seitan, tempeh, beans & legumes too. Meat is not the only choice. Report
good article Report
It was a good article.. I have found through trial and error the best diet for me is one that I will able to live with the rest of my life... Report
A lot of good information here. Report

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