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How to Say Sayonara to Soda in Just 28 Days


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Diet Soda is proven to be worse for you than regular Soda. Not only does it promote Obesity, it has been linked to Cancers.
If you are going to go that route you are better off going with Natural Sodas- they are pricier than your Pepsis of the world but are at least all natural.
Diet Anything that uses artificial sweetner is horrible for you. Report
I am sure I resent seeing iced tea placed next to diet soda. Diet soda is a manufactured drink. Ice tea is fresh brewed tea made a little stronger than regular tea so the ice melting in it doesn't dilute it too much. Unless you think all ice tea is made by Nestle and comes in jars. All tea is zero calorie in its natural state. Report
Keep hydrated on water and ice tea. I do like pop every now and then. Always diet though Report
I do not refuse a soda if I am offered one as a guest, I can make adjustments to my own diet better than navigate my social life by being rude. I haven't ordered a soda at a meal purveyor for years, maybe a decade or two.
I learned in the '90s that over-consuming beverages of any type at mealtime, even water, can interfere with the processing of food eaten, so I sip real fruit juice or water to wet my whistle so to speak (almost as if having a 4oz wine with the meal).
I'm also trying to get in the habit of drinking 16oz of water 30 minutes before a meal. Per studies, that has shown to decrease consumption at meals and lead to a potential loss of 1lb a month. That's an easy "weigh" to trim down. I'm not sure it is wise once one is eating normally and at a stable weight.
---just saying. Report
Glad to have soda out of my life! Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report
I'm a Diet Pepsi junkie. I need to stop the diet soda as well. Wish me luck. Report
The occasional coke to have with rum Report
I quit drinking soda 20 years ago. My bones and my breath thank me for that! Report
great info Report
Great Article Report
I gave up drinking soda years ago. .I don't use fake sugar anymore either Report
This article is ridiculous. "There is no danger in using artificial sweeteners". You lost me at that sentence. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are not safe. Anything that contains artificial sweetener is bad for you. The author of this article is irresponsible to say that there is scientific proof that food & beverages sweetened with artificial sweeteners will help with weight loss. I can't believe this is on SparkPeople. I get that everyone wants to lose weight and not give up their favorite things, but switching to this stuff is dangerous. Just eat natural foods, in moderation. Forget about all of the nasty chemicals that try to make junk food "healthier". Report

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