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Never Say Never With These 5 Plus-Size Workout Modifications

You Can Do It, Regardless of Size


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Some of those adjustment work when you have severe arthritis. Report
These are some awesome and helpful suggestions. Thanks so much! Report
Very helpful article! Thank you! Report
Good info! Report
Interesting article. Thank you Report
this is a really great article Report
I applied for a discount at my YMCA and that helped me be able to go. We need to hear advice from people who are or were obese because there are simple things I could do when I was at a healthy weight that are hard, painful or dangerous now. Getting down on the floor and getting back up hits all 3 concerns. Report
If you have problems with Pilates moves done on the floor, Google "standing Pilates" workouts. There are lots of workouts that combine cardio and Pilates, too. Jessica Smith has some. Report
interesting article and comments Report
I've been really enjoying using my indoor bike at home. Unfortunately, I've developed shin and knee pain. I'm stuck with either doing nothing or working through it. I'd really like to know if there is a way to angle my feet or body so that I can take unnecessary pressure of of them... Report
Too bad most of this applies to activities at gyms and not home. I gave up my Y membership because after 25 years I could no longer afford it. When I told the girl at the desk I was not renewing because i could no longer afford it and had had surgery 6 months prior and was having ore surgery in two days and both put me out of work the response was "come back when you are back to work." it has been 4 years and I have never gone back. Clearly the Y does refuse people who cannot pay even though they say they do not. Report
Great info Report
Very good article! Thank you! Report
Great article thanks for sharing👍🦋 Report

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