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Never Say Never With These 5 Plus-Size Workout Modifications

You Can Do It, Regardless of Size


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This is a great article. Thanks. Report
Great article! Report
Thanks. Report
While I understand the premise of this article, I am not out to prove anyone wrong or show that at as an older obese woman "hey I can do this too!" I am OK with some of this but running probably not. Running is just a bit tough on the joints and the added weight of obesity does not help. I am currently working on losing weight just so I can walk more. Bone spurs, arthritic knees & obesity make for painful walking. So water aerobics, chair aerobics, recumbent bike & working with a trainer to show me what I should be doing has been good for me. My goal is to lose weight but to also find ways to continue with exercise as I age. The simpler the better would be fine with me. Looking forward to incorporating tai chi, yoga, & Pilates at some point. Report
Excellent suggestions. Report
If you let your current weight limit you then it is much harder to reach those goals. Report
great article Report
thanks for sharing... Report
Thank you! This will help with the disparaging looks and condescending comments! Report
If a person is obese and doesn't have any physical injuries, I could see where these modifications are great ideas. I'm really disappointed in SP that water exercise - walk walking, water aerobics, and swimming - wasn't included in the list. Water is awesome for someone who is obese as water will create a feeling of being weightless and as such, one gets a great workout in a low impact manner. Report
I'm 200 pounds and I decided to start doing yoga to increase my flexibility and strength. At first it was really tough but now even as big as I am, I'm more flexible than a lot of people in the class. Report
no matter your size, you can do whatever exercise you want or able to do. As long as you keep moving, you'll get there~ Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Good article. Thanks!! Report
Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.
- Mae West Report

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