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Never Say Never With These 5 Plus-Size Workout Modifications

You Can Do It, Regardless of Size


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Interesting article. Made me realize I need to stop using the weight as an excuse to not join a gym. I have wanted to do so due to knowing that I would push myself there more so than doing a video at home. No more excuses! Like the sign said, "So it aint home! ADAPT!" Report
I am a personal trainer and appreciate the encouragement of plus-sized athletes, yes, athletes.
I want to encourage anyone to try rowing, since it is relatively low impact on the joints (when executed with good form) and uses all the major muscles (hence, burns lots of calories as you are able to increase your intensity). It also tends to gradually increase the active mobility of most of the joints!
Also, on the topic of joints, recognize that body weight exercise with more weight does increase the real load on the joints! Always respect what your body is telling you, stop if you would apply the word PAIN to a movement or activity. Words like muscle burn, fatigue, intense, darn hard are usually okay if pain is absent. Ask for help if you are uncertain of proper form on something new you want to try.
Go Girls and Boys! Report
Only one instructor commented on joints. The attitude/inner athlete part is great, but the reality is that us heavier folk have to accommodate real obstacles. Running is possible, sure, but your knees may not thank you in 10-15 years, and health is for life, not just immediate achievement. Report
GREAT idea~ Report
This was great info about rowing which I have been dying to try. Thanks. Report
The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such.
All leaders whose fitness is questioned are clearly lacking in force.
- Andre Maurois Report
Videos would be great, Report
I agree with everyone here, please provide more articles like this.

Thank you. Report
I am going to workout no matter what my size. The smaller I get the less intense I get but I'll still kick it up a notch just for all times sakes 4x a month. HA! Report
Thanks for posting! Report
needed it Report
yes, more plus size trainers and tips Report
thanks for posting Report
Yes, more plus sized trainers. The skinny ones I've had to deal with are just too high energy. You'd think they were mainlining caffeine the way they bounce around so cheerfully. Report

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