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10 So-Called Healthy Foods That Are a Waste of Money


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You forgot 'organic' and 'nonGMO' Report
Good tips...I was aware of the problems but not some of the at home solutions. Great info. Report
Interesting collection of foods to bash. Report
Wow, good to know. Report
One cannot just jump on the 'Bandwagon' for every new idea or gimmick-Good to Know. Report
I like Matcha. Nowadays I should say. I wasn't real fond at it at first Report
Homemade dressing is delicious Report
Thanks Report
thanks Report
Thank you for this article. It was a great reminder. The salt content of processed foods is one issue that wasn't directly addressed here, and it's one that's really on my mind right now because I'm trying to get my acid reflux under control without medication. One of the many sources of that problem is excess salt, and once I started reading labels on processed foods, I was like "Oh. My. God." Report
Needs to be updated badly......old information. Report
I read the ingredients as well. When the first ingredient on a salad dressing label is water, I'm not going to buy it. Report
Canned soup was one of the first foods to shock me with the high content of bad nutrients and high coals, carbs, and fat. Report
Thanks. Great information. Report

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