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Home Scale vs. Doctor Scale: Which Is More Accurate?


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Good advice. I am lifetime WW, attend my weekly meeting. I weigh in with the same clothing at the same day and on the same scale each week. That is what I weigh no matter what scale I might have to get on at a doctor office during the week. Too may variables when weighing at other times and places and would drive you nuts if you let it! Report
How many doctors’ offices still have the old ones with bars and weights adjusted by hand? Report
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I used to work in doctors offices for over 20 years. Not one of those offices every had their scales calibrated. The employees don't do it because it isn't in their job descriptions and the doctors won't pay to have an expert come in and do it. Yes, there are experts that will come in and calibrate an offices scales. So I am pretty sure that there are many that are inaccurate because of having people weighed in all day, every day without ever being calibrated. Report
Totally agree. I have one doctors office that has the scale sitting on carpet. When I tell the doctor I weigh less at home, she comes back with we use our scales weight, wonderful but that does not make me happy when she says lose weight. Report
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