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How to Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry All the Time


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Thanks Report
Great Report
I agree with everything, except for the more frequent meals. Eating too many snacks is counter productive. Report
Wonderful info - thanks Report
Thank you! Good advice. Hard to follow! Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
Great information. Thanks. Report
The main reason folks are not successful in losing weight is that diets, in and of themselves, do not work 85% of dieters regain weight. We know that long-term success involves habit change / habit formation, support, learning and ..... a very strong goal or reason for achieving weight loss / health goals. Report
You're supposed to be hungry before a meal. Report
And even knowing all of these things, people STILL go off and on diets or eating plans! For decade after decade, fad diets or healthy and carefully planned diets, we go off and on, and it is all a million dollar business, snake oil salesmen abound. Feeding us fantasy tales. Report
Mostly good suggestions to try & see what works for you. I have had more success w/ protein heavy breakfast, a veggie or more at each meal, limiting fruit to 2 servings day, lots of water. Assessing my hunger before & during a meal helps, & eating slowly. Stopping midway has made a difference even tho I'm a slow eater. I stop & set it aside so if I do get hungry a little later, I just finish the food then.
This article is out of date so nothing on the latest studies about IF & 5/2 fasting & it's impact on blood sugar. That looks to be the latest science re physiology which is also part of this weight loss journey. The 5/2 plan, where you have only one big varied complete meal per day, worked best on the 100 overweight females who followed it. No mention about how they dealt w/ hunger but controlled blood sugar & therefore leptin & grehlin(sp?) in balance, insulin resistance reduced, improved weight loss results. Report
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Excellent points. Always enjoy your articles! Report
Great article! Report

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