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Can You Train Your Taste Buds?


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Thanks for the info. Report
I'm sensitive to sweet food and anything with the wrong texture! Report
Bitter is not a problem. Tart is not a problem, Burned is a turn off. I hate coffee because it tastes burned, not bitter. Report
Good need-to-know information! Report
I have lost most of my sense of taste after being on zinc for two weeks. Smell too. Report
some people claim to be "supertasters" when they're really just picky/lazy/resistant to change... Regardless of what you put on a vegetable or how you cook it, it will NEVER taste as good as junk food, because, as the article itself stated - junk foods are purposely designed to taste that good Report
Interesting. I'm a super taster, but I actually eat more, because I like the wide variety of foods, from sour to spicy, savory and sweet. I'm extremely sensitive to all, but I enjoy the extreme in the intensity and that's what I crave. Report
Good explanation of the three categories of tasters. It helps to understand why some folks don't like the veggies and fruits others love. Report
thanks Report
I have to get this lesson cause my sweet wins most of the time. Report
Great article! Report
This is a WONDERFUL article! - and you are so right about backsliding and about how long it takes for a new habit to become the new normal. Thank you for this. Report
yes, yes you can. I like this article. very informative. Report
If I crave anything, it is vegetables, therefore, I am satisfied with a plentiful amount every day. Thank you for a really good article. Report

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