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Should You Set Progress or Product Goals?


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Great article! Report
Thank you! Report
When I worked with clients setting goals, we always talked about desired results and expected behaviors. Same with goals for weight loss. the desired result might be to lose 20 lbs in 6 months....we can't always control that result. What we an control is the behaviors...we can commit to tracking our food, staying within a reasonable calorie goal, to getting x minutes of exercise every day, drinking 64 oz of water....And those behaviors will result in better health. And eventually in weight loss. Report
This gets back to the all or nothing approach which is so harmful to weight loss (and indeed, to anything one is hoping to achieve!) Thinking in terms of small measurable goals is so helpful! Thanks for another great article :) Report
Awesome...thanks! Report
Lots to consider! Report
Thanks Report
Awesome article! Report
Great info, thanks. Report
I like progress goals and try to make them small so they are reachable. This works best for me but everyone is different. Report
Never liked a goal to lose x lbs by y date. You can do everything right most of the time and miss by a pound and then you feel like a failure. Much better IMO to set behavior goals that if you meet them will eventually result I the progress that you want...or at least close. Report
Final goal of weight is needed to set the goals that get me there. Good article. Report
Excellent article. For me, the path of the journey has been a serious of short term goals, most I have met and others I didn't yet the journey getting to both has been a learning experience.
I do have a Long Term goal that I am working towards slowly as for me it's "One day at a time. " Report
good info Report

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