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Healthier Ways to Eat Dessert

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If you have an Aldi's around your area check for Chocolate hummus!! OMG it's to die for! They now have caramel as well! So yummy! They also carry a cauliflower pizza, garlic with just cheese. It's so good! 6.99 but you can't make it this good! I have tried! The mess alone is enough to make you give up. Report
Thanks for the information. Report
Good article. Report
I use all these suggestions & others. Ginger snaps are pretty low sugar & our local grocer carries a whole wheat fig or apricot newton style cookie in the bulk bin section. I also buy dried pineapple & papaya slices. Dried fruit has really been a big help for me cuz the fiber is filling along w/ a big glass of water or cup of green tea. Recently found chocolate non-dairy yogurt which I keep in fridge for those evenings when I want real sweets. Bought a Yonanas type machine for using frozen bananas & mixing w/ other frozen fruit like berries. For other times I mix cashew milk, protein powder, & nut butter w/ whatever else sounds good (quik oatmeal?) in a smoothie or try crushed pineapple w/ cinnamon, protein, nondairy beverage & coconut oil to satisfy. Nuts & more dried fruit - prunes, dates, pears - w/ a snack size bag of M&Ms is still a fairly healthy trail mix blend that kills the taste for sweets. I even make jello shooters for parties & BBQ using diet jello for those of us who refuse to completely give up alcohol. Report
My favorite treat is Greek yogurt and blueberries. I keep both on hand all the time. Report
Great ideas! Report
I prefer a lot of recipes with less sugar than called for. I generally start with about 1/2 on the first trial of a new recipe since I can always add more, but I can't take it out of the ingredient bend. I can edit the recipe so it is easier after the first time. I want to taste the ingredients! Report
Fruit bars are the best for me. Report
thanks.... Report
Good article Report
I have a popsicles form & I make my own popsicles, out of my home made green drink. Delicious & healthy, too! (Recipe on my new blog today, 10-18-17) Report
Did everyone forget Greek yogurt and berries? Report
Good ideas! Report
The basic ideas still's doing them forever that messes us up, and why we are all still here.....😉😉😉 Report

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